Princess Jo:
I'm feline tired no sleep with test stuff on mes so won't be in chat 2nite.
That Meddlin' Girl:
Let's Frock 'N Roll
Ann Drogyny:
For frocks sake
My birthday is coming soon. Jul 3
Jane...are yoo ok? Beep once for yes twice for no
Tonight's bedtime story is the fabled: Grouchy Toddler, Hidden Dummy.
Baby Bonny:
Wet wipes are weapons of Mess Disruption !
That Meddlin' Girl:
I'd settle for an Emma Bridgewater cup in a flash!
Rather have my sippy cup than the World cup
That Meddlin' Girl:
Jam Jam Jam all Sammy site long
Happy Birthday Jammie Sammy keeper of the jam
Thunderstorms draw close, time online may be limited tonight
Aithen Redbotto:
Could I have my account verified, please?
Princess Jo:
Cats with plasters on paws here
It's a mammoth playground built of mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, valleys, woodlands,and beaches. ddkeegacebec
Hooray for chatterday!
That Meddlin' Girl:
More likely they couldn't borrow any choo choos from the Network Rail toy box
Train of Thought: Severely Delayed then Ultimately CANCELLED!
Princess Jo:
I'll bae in chat fur a bit tonight thanks.
Sorry to hear that Jo. Hope you are feline better soon. HUGS